Howdy Neighbor is a bi-annual publication that expresses and expands the transformative power of people and place.

      howdy: greeting salutation, originally a dialectal contraction of a phrase
      inquiring after someone's well-being

Twice yearly we decide on a theme and collaborate with a group of contributors. We are excited to amplify a myriad of disciplines. Each publication emerges from the imagined "here" of the community that comes together to share their work in this forum.

A forum is a tool for addressing issues we face as humans, global citizens, local residents, and ecological community members. Personal encounters with art, the outdoors, human beings, and the more than human act as catalysts for social change. Forums are collaborative because they respond to environments, social dynamics, resources, and skill sets. Howdy Neighbor is both a site and method of exchange, a process of exploration in which individuals experience and participate in transformation at both the individual and society level.

The work we publish contains insight, strategy, respite and nourishment from an emergent community of artists, scientists, craftspeople, farmers, home-makers, community organizers and more. We share this work to bring power into our day-to-day lives. So that we may inhabit our corner of the world with greater intimacy, curiosity, self-determination, connection, and embodied awareness.

We prioritize submissions from people living in smaller cities and rural spaces, especially members of communities who experience historical and on-going marginalization.


Brittany + Christine