Image of Feeeels Magazine, Issue 1: Fuzzy Image of Feeeels Magazine, Issue 1: Fuzzy

Feeeels Magazine, Issue 1: Fuzzy


Fuzzy tackles the concept of “fuzzy” from a myriad of critical perspectives. Written and visual pieces explore timely and timeless topics including fuzzy politics, foggy memories, language shifts, playful interactions between strangers, and clashes between modernism and cultural traditions.

Contributors hail from a range of professional backgrounds—art, design, medicine, history, and sports mascots—and seven different countries, coming together in conversation through a common lens. In its unique and multi-faceted framework, the publication highlights established and rising thinkers and makers, with often surprising interjections. At a moment when tactility is disregarded in pursuit of sleek, supposedly immaterial, digital interactions, we foreground it as a necessary foundation for understanding the 21st century.

124 pages

feeeels magazine is a publication that explores art, culture, emotions, politics, and history through the lens of one tactile adjective per issue