Image of Journal du Thé, Chapter 3 Image of Journal du Thé, Chapter 3

Journal du Thé, Chapter 3


Chapter 3 features

tiny teaware in Alsace, France
an Indian tearoom in 1920s Germany and its relation to the Bauhaus
the Kakuun-tei teahouse in the heart of Tokyo forest
a recipe for a cup of Rama Tulsi
a piece on the meaning of tea in post-colonial Zimbabwe
a short introduction to Einstein’s Tea Leaf Paradox
a collection of endlessly surprising teapots from Kochi in India
the metal craftswoman Yumi Nakamura
the delicate Japanese confectionery of Okashimaru
an essay on tea gardens in India and Japan
a list of books and what they have in common with the tea ceremony
the father of studio pottery in India Gurcharan Singh
Louise Garland introducing the holy Kawakawa plant of New Zealand
Satish Kumar and his inspiring peace walk
an installment of Izumi Shiokawa’s manga

128 pages

Journal du Thé (JdT) invites the reader to explore contemporary tea culture. Journal du Thé wonders what is it that makes tea into this force which lets us slow down and grants serene moments to our lives. It is said, that what makes a teapot a teapot is the empty space inside. Likewise this publication sets out to explore space – in this case the space surrounding a cup of tea.

With a curious and playful eye, Journal du Thé investigates the palette of cultures and feelings contained within tea practices and their power to overcome borders. For us, tea is a symbol of togetherness